Pressure Free Home Evaluation

Are you wondering what your homes is worth?  The market is changing daily and the most up to date and accurate information must be used to come up with a fair and honest number.  Your home is probably your biggest asset, lets try to keep it that way!!

I generally use a The 2 visit evaluation. 

The first visit allows me to take notes and experience your home, this allows me to arrive with an average price range of homes but now I can go home with a more precise summary of your home.  I have to look at the active listings (your competition), the solds (what the market will pay) and look at the market trend…..all this allows me to determine the most likely price range your home will attract in a fair market.

The second visit allows us to use all the gathered information and determine the best pricing and marketing strategy.  Fully Informed, we can together make the decisions that lessen the stress and pressures of selling your home and make your desired move a positive reality!